Task 1 – Management

The aim of NOODLES is to build up a set of multi-scale modeling tools capable of identifying the most promising device architecture, geometry and material for (ultra) low operating power transistors for the 14nm technological node and beyond.

The six partners of NOODLES have already worked together during the QUASANOVA project. They have therefore experience from long standing collaborations as proved by their list of common publications (in particular, the recent articles published in journals of high impact on the topics of interest for this NOODLES project). The present project management is directly inspired from that of QUASANOVA.
The essential Management structure of NOODLES comprises the Coordinator (Marco Pala) and the governing board composed of the scientific responsible from each partner. The coordinator will take care of all communications with the ANR and he will refer the main issue to the partners. He will be in charge of the everyday and operational management of NOODLES (including, e.g., the schedule of hirings, the respect of contract procedure and that of equal opportunities for participants).